So this is my blog. I, like millions more, have one of these in order to discreetly impart my thoughts and opinions about a variety of things and/or share a multitude of imagery/video. For anyone who cares to hear my views on things, please read on.

As an artist/illustrator/creative person I often have too much free time and fill it with musings and theories about life, socialism, existentialism, voyeurism and multiple other 'isms' I can't bring myself to list through risk of sounding more 'wanky' than I do already.

What will feature on here will be a selection of these thoughts and opinions. None of which are exact and absolute and I encourage anyone moved enough to do so, to feel free to engage me in conversation on any given topic. 

As human beings (and certainly as an arty type) self expression and communication should be encouraged and nurtured. Consider this my contribution to such a belief.